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What can we embroider for you?

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What we have to offer:
qColorful Fleece lined All Purpose English Saddle Pads
qCustom embroidery

All Purpose English Saddle Pad ( Bright Colors )

Please: place your order in the (contact us) section: include the title (English saddle pad) and your color choice.  You will be sent an invoice outlining your product, and your product will be sent out as soon as your payment is received. 

If you have an eBay account you can purchase our products at this link: http://www.ebay.com/usr/allfortheloveofanimals

Bright Colored English Saddle Pad Standard size to fit any saddle. Has fleece lining on inside for horses comfort.

Custom embroidery

Please: place your order in the (contact us) section: include the title ( _______ embroidery), your choice of lines and fonts, and your personal embroidery.  You will be sent a quote outlining your product, and how to proceed in sending it to us. 

   We can custom embroider pet names, baby names, monograms, or anything you can think of. The pictures show two of my cat (April's) blankets, and the different fonts the embroidery can be done in.  The letters on the white background  are the letters for monograms. The fist line is $7.00 and ever line after is an extra $2.00 each. We can mix and match monograms with font for multi lined products. These prices do not include s & h.  

Saddle Pad Embroidery

Custom Embroidery -  All Customization must be sent through the "Contact Me" page. Fill out the information, state the item you ordered and embroidery option you chose then your personal customization. If wanting Horse  or Riders name please include the font you would prefer.

Scrubs Embroidery

Want to personalize your scrubs

     Are you a Vet? Doctor? Vet Tech?  Vet Assistant? or Volunteer?

Great! we have just the treat for you. Customize your scrubs today. We offer a unique program, don't worry about buying new scrubs to customize; we'll customize your scrubs you currently have.

STEP 1: Go to the "Contact Us" page

STEP 2: Fill out the information

STEP 3: State in the message that you would like your scrubs embroidered. (include number of scrubs being embroidered, what you want embroidered, and the font or monogram you would prefer.

STEP 4: You will be contacted back at your e-mail within 1-2 days with an invoice, and address to send your scrubs to.

STEP 5: Send your scrubs to the address and when it is received you will get a link to complete your payment ( Scrubs will not be embroidered until payment is received )

STEP 6 : You will receive an e-mail with in 1-3 business days with a copy of your invoice and a tracking for your package.

Quality, and Quick embroidery to customize your work experience. 

$7.00 - $11.00
$7.00 - $11.00